35.7% Response to Mailing Promotion



Main Objective – Enlist the decision makers of top MBA programs and engage them in dialogue about promotional products and their specific needs. Make them aware that TSC is licensed and qualified as an excellent choice for them to partner with for their promotional products and marketing.

Results – 35.7% of the prospective contacts opted in and registered on line to the contest registration page during the 3 ½ week promotion.

The Program – An incentive offer was made to 25 people; they had a 1 in 25 chance to win a free pair of Maui Jim sunglasses in a focused niche marketing campaign. To participate, all they need do was register on contest web page and answer 4 brief questions. The enrolment activates a dialogue opportunity about the clients prospective marketing needs and budget parameters and commits TSC to prepare additional marketing materials for the prospect.

The Action – Create list of 25 target accounts and verify individual contact. Source LA Business Journal and internet search. Build web contest page. Prepare marketing materials.

Week 1

Product mailer #1 – Mailer piece the Fez guy coaster and a brief letter sent in a hand addressed #10 envelope. The letter introduces the contest and defines our intention to confirm the addressee as a qualified buyer for the University. Teaser copy – “stay tuned, we have big news next week – look for the MJ mailing – you are a select group of 25 people and need to act…. or not…”

Week 1 1/2

Product mailer #2 – The mailer consists of 4 x 6 white craft box with a full color printed card that is inserted into a Maui Jim sun-glass case. The card announces the 1 in 25 chance to win a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. There is no letter, just the Maui Jim case, a cleaning cloth and the card encouraging the recipient to go on-line to register to win.

Week 2

Product mailer #3 – Program reminder mailer is sent via first class lumpy mail in bubble envelope.  Insert card prompts the recipient to “take the shot now” and register for the MJ give-away from TSC. The small golf tee pack also serves to introduce the notion of golf related themes for promotions too. Later we will promote the Maui Jim Global On-Site Fitting & Dispensing Programs from the corporate gifts division.

 Week 2 1/2

E-mail reminder to register on line. Send a button link to all non-registered contacts.  The button matches the graphics of the other collateral, it prompts the contact to go to our registration site by “Clicking Here”.

 Week 3

Product mailer #4 – Objective –  to create a sense of urgency – “Based on current responses, you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning”  Floating action pen with Singleton graphics is attached to the full color insert card that is clipped around the pen.

 Week 3 1/2

Phone calls are made to 8 select contacts, asking if they have received the marketing materials, did they have any comments.  We states this is a friendly reminded that the program ends tomorrow at noon, last chance to register.


25 contacts yield 7 prospects to opt in to the contest.  Resulting in 35.7% response.
And the winner is—–  Kathy Rice from CSULB

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